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Gallery Lodoe presents eclectic art from the Himalaya, as well as artful gifts and interior, and jewelry and accessories. Each item has been hand-picked by adventurer and photographer Jamyang Lodoe, who brings his singular sense of style and taste to everything in the gallery. And because he personally knows the individuals and families who have handcrafted the items we sell, we promise that each and every item is made in a socially and environmentally conscious manner.

The gallery features Jamyang’s photography of Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and India, as well as up and coming contemporary Asian artists, and stunning traditional Buddhist art. Every item we have is a little piece of art, whether it’s our magnificently detailed hand-carved bronze and copper vases and statues, colorful wooden masks or sumptuous textiles. And our jewelry and accessories are truly art that you can wear. We hope we will meet you at our little Himalayan haven in lovely Rhinebeck, NY.

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